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Why choose Towers Automotive

We offer the very best in car service and deliver it in a great customer service package. We care about our customers as much as we care about their cars and in the end the results speak for themselves. Have a look at what some of our cutomers have had to say about Towers Automotive in Charters Towers; 

Mark Woodward 5 Stars on Yellow Pages

I rarely take the time to write reviews but this is an exception. Remember to old days when a company would go out of their way to provide a service? Well that's exactly what the team at Towers Automotive did for us.
We were heading to the Cape when the bearings went on our camper trailer. Of course it wasn't as simple as that. The stub axle was bent and the whole brake drum assembly had to be replaced. The team couldn't have been more helpful.
Knowing we were on holidays they made us a priority. They went out of their way to hunt down the parts and get us on our way again. They showed me exactly what had happened and explained why they did what they had to do. They also showed me what they couldn't do and explained what I needed to do once I got home. We continued to the Cape with absolutely no further issues.

Absolutely 10 out of 10 as far as I'm concerned. I am going to hunt down other review sites and replicate this. It's rare to meet people as honest as this and this level of service deserves recognition!

Mark Woodward

*Note: Mark must really have been impressed because he usually does not write reviews, yet for Towers Automotive, Mark posted on True Local as well.

If that is not enough to convince you, we have a stunning five star average approval on Google. To get a response like that we have to be doing something right. 

Peter Benson 5 Stars on Google

I called in because I thought I had a problem with my caravan electric. The warm welcome and great advice I received was amazing. I thoroughly recommend this business to anyone  who needs an auto electrician.  

George Koulakis  5 Stars on Google

Staff are very polite and understanding. As a customer it was me who was in the wrong, but the lady was polite and caring enough to show me where I'd gone wrong. Thank you for the experience, I hope to do more business with you soon. 

Daryl Smith 5 Stars on Google

Fixed an intermittent problem with my work car that the other mechanics couldn't, get work will be back for all of my servicing!

Kletus Probst 5 Stars on Google

Friendliest honest mechanic. Helped out at the drop of a hat. 


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We have also received a lovely email recently from a Customer who had moved away from the area:

Thank you! I very much appreciate your professional attitude and your good old country town reliability. I have just received a new 2017 D-Max 4x4 ute and decided to get my services done by you guys even though I don't live in the Towers anymore and I travel around quite a lot these days. I am hoping you could fit me in when I am about, you have done some work on my previous D-Max 2014 model and I have been very happy with your attention to detail and service. I am not saying I will be about the area for every service with you, guys, but I have decided that you, guys, will be my first choice when I am, and hopefully Repco as I travel. Hope to catch up soon! Paul G. via Email

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